The Plants Are Talking to Themselves…

Updates will be sparse for awhile owing to a hectic field work schedule, but fear not!  More updates are on their way soon!

Rick Karban of the University of California-Davis and his colleagues have discovered that plants the plants are talking to themselves.

Sagebrush_bloomsThese researchers discovered that when a sagebrush plant is cut (as when it has been bitten by a herbivore), it releases chemical compounds that communicate with other branches that are genetically identical. By communicating with itself in this way, the plant is able to coordinate a counter-attack to decrease its likelihood of being further damaged by herbivores.   The article can be found here.

Knowing that even plants are talking to themselves makes me feel a bit better about doing it myself.


3 thoughts on “The Plants Are Talking to Themselves…

  1. I don’t understand why this is presented as breaking news in the article. Michael Crichton talked about exactly this in the good old Jurassic Park books. Unless of course M. Crichton simply took this idea in his head and it is only now being found to be true or there is some other breakthrough I do not understand, in which case I would be grateful if someone more knowledgeable than I am about this could correct me.

  2. NPR have a great segment about this with some guy who had been studying it for a good while. I’m sure you could find a it in the website archives.

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