More Scientist Humor

In an earlier post I listed species and gene names that were clearly conceived of by scientists who had a sense of humor.  I have another one to add to the list.

Phallus_drewesiiA newly discovered mushroom species found in West Africa has recently been named Phallus drewesii (Latin translation: Drewes’ penis).  It was named by a colleague after a California Academy of Science curator named Bob Drewes who explains, “I am utterly delighted. The funny thing is that it is the second smallest known mushroom in this genus and it grows sideways, almost limp.”  Clearly, this is a man with a good sense of humor.

Check out this article for the original story.

Below is a video of the man himself discussing the function of snake venom:


4 thoughts on “More Scientist Humor

  1. Like the interview, I learnt something new in an interesting manner in a quick time span compared to the information density, now That’s good science reporting

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