Zimbardo (of Stanford prison experiment fame) does video open office hours!!

Want to see Philip Zimbardo talk to a doll fashioned in his image??  The answer is yes, you do.  Go to this video now:


Dr. Philip Zimbardo

Dr. Philip Zimbardo

Philip Zimbardo conducted the now infamous Stanford prison experiment, in which 24 undergraduates were randomly divided into prison guards and prisoners and were placed in a fake prison.  In just a few days the subjects revealed rapid behavioral changes.  The prison guards became abusive while the prisoners showed signs of psychological damage and helplessness.  The study had to be stopped way ahead of schedule for fear that the situations occuring inside the “prison” would have long-term psychological effects on those involved.  The subjects had no history of instability and highlights how the power of authority can result in expected changes.  

Anyway, Stanford by way of Facebook has created a forum where people can submit questions to Dr. Zimbardo which he’ll answer a week from now via video.  This guy is quite a character and is a pretty big deal in psychology.  It’s definitely worth checking out the video to see if you have a question that you’d like him to answer. 


4 thoughts on “Zimbardo (of Stanford prison experiment fame) does video open office hours!!

  1. I read up on that experiment a couple years ago.

    It was frightening and disturbing how quickly people changed.

    As an experiment, it was, in many ways, unethical and unscientific, although I sincerely doubt that there would be a way to make it both ethical and scientifically. There are just too many variables.

    Still, despite it’s lack of scientific rigor, the experiment was a landmark study and reminds how much authority without responsibility can corrupt.

  2. I also read the article a while ago, and it was really intriguing, while disturbing. I’ll look forward to seeing this video, hopefully he’ll answer some questions on the experiment itself.

  3. wow, that was a fun video. It is too bad that the Stanford prison experiment has overshadowed his other research. It sounds like he’s done some cool stuff.

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